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  One tablet instead of many.
  Send orders straight to your kitchen.
  State of the art analytics and reporting.
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The Future is TabLess!!

Restaurants use different marketplaces to increase their sales. However, they end up with messy workplaces of many tablets, printers, and scattered reports. Onzway will help you streamline your numbers in one sleek reporting dashboard, while all online orders are automatically accepted and sent to the kitchen. Free yourself from repetitive tasks and focus on growing your restaurant.


Turn off ALL tablets and manage your orders & drivers from one screen. Upcharge/Refund, Delay or Pause orders, and mark items “sold out“.


Print orders at one station or send tickets to multiple kitchen stations with internal item names! Promote your brand and coupons on the receipt.


Stop juggling many dashboards to know your numbers. Oversea all reporting and insights in one dashboard to optimize your business.

The All-In-One Online Management System.

We’ve analyzed every aspect of the online ordering process and developed simple yet powerful tools to make your life easier.

Delay orders

Cancel orders

Ready for pickup


Pause/Resume orders

Sync menus

Label Printing

Print in multiple stations

Print in multiple language

Mark item Sold out/Available

Sales Report

Order Errors


Marketing Fees

Processing Fees

Available Marketplaces

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Single printer

Order Confirmation

Restaurant Availability

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Multiple Printers

Multiple language printing

86 Items

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